Exotic Hand-Rolled   Local Organic Wholesale Tea at 50% of market   price.  Yes, we can only do that! 'Coz  we do tea differently We believe finest is always hand-crafted,  rare and localized .


Our DFG (Direct from garden) price starts  at 8$ / Lbs.  





We are a group of 200+ tea farmers and a genius supply chain team.  Orders are fulfilled from USA and India   based warehouses.

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Local  Organic Hand-rolled Tea Basket

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LEFO (Local, Exotic, Fair and Organic ) - Our tea tastes local. Our gardens are very unique and exotic. We swear by our commitment to fair trade and we are certified organic. We pluck rarest of rare tea from Assam Sikkim, Darjeeling and Nepal, perform exhausting quality check and sell to our customers at 50% of the market price.

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