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LEFO family belongs to state of Assam, Sikkim and province of Darjeeling in India and himalayan territory in Nepal. Just for the context, Assam is the largest tea producing single geographical unit in the world. Darjeeling and Nepal produce the most exotic and rarest of rare teas which are pretty popular with most influential people across the planet. Sikkim boasts of its lone hilly tea garden famous as Temi all over the world and LEFO sources the best and the frshest at Temi directly from the pluckers. LEFO is a consortium of family and friends consisting of more than 200 local organic tea gardens in Assam, Darjeeling and Nepal ( Himalayan territory). All our teas are 'hand crafted organic' tea. We do not use machine at all . This is part of our tradition and it helps us to maintain our quality and distinct classical flavor. 

All our orders are fulfilled from the Milwaukee, USA and  Guwahati, Assam, India based fulfillment centers. We are in the process of opening another fulfillment center in London, UK.  

Our USP is : Our teas are Hand-rolled LEFO (Local, Exotic, Fair and Organic ) tea. Our tea tastes local. Our gardens are very unique and exotic. We swear by our commitment to fair trade and we are certified organic. We shall always be local grower rooted in the desire to serve global customers while improving lives of the local communities. We intend to bring the hidden gem out of mecca of tea production (Upper Assam, Darjeeling hills, Himalayan territories) to the kitchen of tea-lovers around the world. We would never compromise our quality, but always be the rare quality organic exotic growers. Our consistency of supply is another motivating factor for our clients. We have an excellent Supply Chain Team who know what they are doing! Each day we are growing in numbers in terms of tea gardens. In all this magical environment, what we preserve are our family values, selection of tea on the basis of 'quality and tippies' and commitment to the customers.  

As we source directly from our tea gardens, we have the capability to keep the cost at very low level. We belong to the heart and culture of tea cultivation and hence we can provide the quality, uniqueness and consistent taste with unmatched efficiency. Our biggest mantra is:  Staying true to our elders, tribal knowledge and heritage.


Currently we supply our finest tea in wholesale. We encourage our wholesale customers to rebrand our product and offer them to the world.  We have samples (Orthodox, TGFOP and FTGFOP black teas from Assam, Sikkim, Darjeeling and Nepal, Green teas from Darjeeling and Nepal, Silver needle white teas from Nepal and Darjeeling, special Temi tea from Sikkim, special organic black CTC tea from Assam) ready to be sent out and it would be great if we can provide our samples to you! 

The finest is always hand-crafted,  rare and localized.

Local  Organic Hand-rolled Tea Basket

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