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Hand-Rolled   Lefo Tea basket

Beautiful Orang Assam Tea Cultivation belongs to a family whose generations have cultivated and perfected FTGFOP, TGFOP and Whole-leaf Assam aromatic blending. These are very very special teas produced with utmost care and pride of being the uniquely traditional. A product of dedication, knowledge and quality – we offer Orang to the world with love!


TGFOP Assam: TGFOP stands for 'Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe'. This exotic tea is composed of finely twisted leaves with occasional golden, downy tips. The full-bodied red-brown infusion will invigorate any tea lover at any time of the day or night.


FTGFOP Assam: Super 'Finest TGFOP' is the extremely cared, filtered and sorted TGFOP tea. FTGFOP is custom produced and they are sold out in a blink of a sip!


Whole-leaf Assam:  The medium bodied, yellowish-green liquor is smooth and slightly astringent, making it just the right brew for every season.

Assam is the hidden tea-capital of the world. We bring this 100% hand-rolled organic tea from award winning and pioneering organic family tea growers from Brahmaputra Valley of Assam where tea cultivation has been a way of life and cultural structure for decades now. The sub-tropical valleys of upper Assam in which this tea is cultivated yield gutsy, bold infusions with full body and flavor.


Whole-leaf Fine Assam: Award winning and milestone-making Fine Assam Whole-leaf tea comes with a very unique taste and flavor. This is the organic Assam black tea of the orthodox variety, also called as whole-long leaf tea by some, produces a rich, full-bodied amber-colored beverage with a malty flavor that is somewhat softened by its subtle honey notes. This tea is fully oxidized (fermented), a process which causes the fresh green leaves of the tea plant to turn a deep brown. Comes with 0% machine and 100% hand-rolling score and keeps winning the tea lovers around the world. 

Tippy Fine Assam: To produce Tippy Fine Assam black tea leaves of TGFOP or FTGFOP grade with abundance of golden tips growers follow a strict plucking standard making sure only two tender leaves along with the bud is plucked. This results in abundance of golden tips boasting a heady aroma of malt and rose petals. Its flavor is rich, yet fresh, smooth and mellow. Tea lovers typically find its taste appealing, its reddish-amber color inviting and the health benefits it yields difficult to resist. 

Sourced directly from age-old family tea estates from the tea-city of India - Dibrugarh. Dibru tea blends centuries of tribal knowledge of tea cultivation into modern techniques practised by talented young farmers.This tea represnts the culture of a city that knows about 'Tea' more than anybody else in the world. Do not forget to thank the farmers when you feel invigorated when you drink 'Dibru'! 

Full of anti-oxidants this tea tastes delicately sweet everyday green tea with subtle notes of sandalwood. This delicious daily-drinker green tea from small-scale growers showcases the very best qualities of high-grown Himalayan green teas. Savor this tea's smooth mouthfeel, slightly sweet flavor profile accented by delicate aromatic hints of incense.

The hilly paradise of Darjeeling has been producing marvelous teas over the centuries craved and sought after by the who's who in the world. Darjeeling teas are known as 'Champagne of Teas' around the world. Our local organic Darjeeling teas are best of the best in Darjeeling and when brewed, our Darjeeling tea yields a thin-bodied, golden infusion with a floral aroma. A silky smooth taste that stays with you whole day! Altitudes of 2,000 – 8,000 feet.


First Flush: Harvested in mid-March following spring rains, and has a gentle, very light color, aroma, and mild astringency.


Second Flush: Harvested in June and produces an amber taste. Full bodied, muscatel-flavored. Perfect for the afternoon sip of joy!


Autumn Flush: Harvested in the autumn after the rainy season, and has delicate flavor and little less spicy tones with fuller body and darker color.


Darjeeling White: Handpicked and rolled this tea brews to a pale golden color with a mellow taste and a hint of sweetness. Darjeeling white tea leaves are very fluffy and light.


Darjeeling Oolong: Darjeeling Oolong is lighter than usual Darjeeling black tea during first flush, as it is semi-oxidized. The cup looks light orange and infusion remains green.


Darjeeling Silver Needle: Hand-rolled Silver Needle represents the pinnacle of white tea manufacturing. The perfection of this tea is clearly visible in the pale, ivory colored liquor. The fragrance lingers in the mouth and is delicately floral with a warmed sugar sweetness.

Grown on the rich land and rare air of Nepal, pure Himalayan teas are grown on small farms at altitudes of 4,000 – 8,000 feet. These exceptional, slow growth teas are known for high concentrations of flavor and healthful benefits. Our teas are some of the finest in the world, rivaling and even surpassing teas from nearby Darjeeling, India. The new exquisite connoisseur collection tea!


FTGFOP Nepal: It has a distinct brisk flavor with deep and vibrant reddish brown infusion. The high elevation of the tea bushes results in a fresh fruity/ flowery aroma!


Silver Tips Nepal: Rare long needled tea with distinctive silver tips. The pale liquor reveals a delicate aroma, flavor of sweet grass. Mouthfeel is smooth and silky, devoid of astringency.


Oolong Nepal: One leaf and a bud, plus a mature leaf are plucked for this rare Oolong. The tea is oxidized slowly, in cold air, then double fired. An exceptional Darjeeling-styled oolong. Its liquor is full bodied, revealing a beautiful red-amber hue distinctive to our teas.


White Nepal: It is made from a bud with one leaf shoot from a specially cultivated plant. The tea is dried naturally, fired and then cured for more than a month so the flavor profile develops to the optimum level. The liquor is very pale golden, has a mild floral aroma and a soothing sweet finish, devoid of astringency, and grassy flavors.

Sikkim Temi High-Elevation Organic Teas

This tenderly plucked and carefully manufactured tea comes from the sole Temi Tea estate in the north-eastern state of Sikkim in India with a picturesque Himalayan backdrop. The tea is an international favorite & is characteristic of a bright liquor in the cup with a unique and typical flavor.  It is the only tea garden in Sikkim and considered one of the best in India and in the world. The high-elevated garden is laid over a gradually sloping hill. Temi tea is rare and special because of the way it tastes, its geographic location and the legacy associated with it. Altitudes of 2,000 – 7,000 feet.


TGFOP Temi: A great quality, soft, sweetish, subtle taste tea the quantity of which is very scarce and is appreciated by tea connoisseurs.


TGBOP Temi: This tea is an inexpensive but very flavorful alternative to second flush muscatel Darjeeling and Himalayan teas.


Green Temi: The medium bodied, yellowish-green liquor is smooth and slightly astringent, making it just the right brew for every season.

One of our tea that sells out on auction the quickest! Crush, Tear, and Curl is a method of processing CTC black tea. Instead of the leaves being rolled at a final stage (as an orthodox Assam is), they are passed through a series of cylindrical rollers with hundreds of small sharp "teeth" that crush, tear, and curl the tea.  The organic Assam black CTC tea has a strong brew and is generally preferred with milk for chai. Grown and manufactured in the exotic Brahmaputra Valley, this exquisite organic Assam CTC Black tea is produced from carefully planted and maintained organic tender leaves and buds. The unique selling point is its value for money and strong invigorating capability combined with its blending ability with ingredients like masala, cinnamon, ginger etc.

Tezpur CTC Chai: Made from two leaves and a bud, this tea produces top quality liquor with body and strength and is a favorite with tea drinkers whose preference lies in a good strong cup of tea. Popularly known as ‘cup of gold’!

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